003 Deanna Maio | Why is it easy to see someone else’s profitable niche, but hard to see your own?

Deanna MaioToday we talk with Deanna Maio who has recently gone through a re-branding experience for her business, Delegated to Done. We discuss the importance of finding the “profitable niche” as well as how difficult that can be without the help of someone to support you and challenge your thinking. The name for the episode says it all…we’ll explore why it is hard to see your own profitable niche.

In this episode Deanna shares with you the value of finding your target audience, but more importantly the profitable niche inside your audience. When you know who you serve and what problem(s) you address you can build a stronger business.

It is really easy to see someone else’s target audience but it is “..extremely hard to see your own” Deanna said. Check out the podcast to hear why that is and what you can do about it. (or you can just go straight to the “Practical & Actionable” section in the show notes).

We get emotionally connected to those issues in our businesses and it is hard to be objective when it comes to our own life/business…but it is much easier to see what others might be going through.

Both Deanna and I believe that having another person that can truly support you (like a coach) can help you through process of finding your target market and your profitable niche.

Deanna’s Target Audience: Online business owners who are doing too much themselves. They need to figure what to do, what to delegate, build the teams and the systems so that whatever they delegate gets done right the first time.

Profitable Niche: Information marketer that currently has $250k to $500k in revenue and knows they can’t catapult their business 7 figure level without leveraging their team.

Knowing our audience…why it is important?

  • It is critical to know your audience. Hear more about this by listening to the Deanna’s story.
  • For Deanna’s audience: ”Delegation” is not the issue…it is the time to build their team up. Understanding the value to put in time to do what it takes to get their team working.
  • The importance to understand the emotional connections and the resistance that profitable clients have to your offer? “It is critical. It is more important than thing I do.” says Deanna.
  • Why being “inside their heads” can be challenge too and how to make it easier.
  • Target market research is always moving as you continuously address their problems.

The marketing you employ is different to attract someone at the $100k level versus the profitable niche she described earlier that is making $250k. The language you use will be different, the problems you solve and the challenges you overcome are all different. Knowing what your ideal client is experiencing helps you write compelling copy and persuasive offers for them.

Deanna offers services and products at all areas of her target market, but the marketing is quite different depending on the growth phase the prospects are experiencing.

Facing your fears…

  • This discovery process was hard for Deanna…she opens up during the podcast to share what she had to endure to find her “market”.
  • One key element she realized that in previous businesses she did not have the kind of business she wanted.
  • See what Deanna says about the ease (or soul searching) of selecting her target market.
  • There is a fear of not being “heard”. You create good content and no one cares. No one engages with it. No one shares it.
  • Deanna shares the challenges of finding her target market. It took skills she does not usually exercise for herself to find that RIGHT audience. And it really forced her to look at her gifts and talents.

Getting it RIGHT:

  • When you know who you serve…it is FREEING. Deanna tells us all about it.
  • Now Deanna can say NO to opportunities that might just be a distraction to her overall goal.
  • When you have a profitable niche (the subset of your target market is hungry for your solution)…and this makes your marketing more effective.
  • There’s a whole new world opening up for Deanna because of her clarity on your target market, the profitable niche and the problems she solves.

Practical & Actionable:

  1. If you know now you aren’t clear about your target market…don’t hesitate.
  2. Don’t go at it alone because it will take longer to go through that journey of finding your market and profitable niche.

Once you have it in place so many things are easier:

  • The elevator pitch is more precise.
  • Your free gift to subscribers on your website to build the list.
  • A powerful signature talk about your business, just for your audience.
  • The clarity to say YES to opportunities or NO to distractions.
  • The copy you will write will be more effective.

One last piece of advise from Deanna “STICK WITH IT…don’t get distracted with trying to serve everyone. Because that is what is going to bring you the leads, the clients, the revenue so you can go out there and have a life versus struggling trying to serve every body. It is just not worth it.”


This episode has so many great parts that it hard to single out just one of them, but if you want to get a clearer description of your target audience and find your profitable niche inside that audience, the fastest and most direct way is to find a coach or someone with skills to help you with that journey. Many times you are too close to your business to make these discoveries. You are better off finding someone that has helped others with that specific journey. There are no short cuts in this process, but having someone to help you can shorted the trip.


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