004 Rick Mulready | The Dangers of Being the Jack of All Trades and the Master of None and What to Do About It?

Rick MulreadyRick Mulready interviews Fortune 500 social media managers to find out how small business can better use social media. Rick’s tool of choice is Facebook. We discuss how Facebook offers a way to connect with your ideal customer using many different features available to advertisers, even if you don’t use Facebook, the value gathered from this conversation helps you understand “if everybody is your customer, nobody is your customer”.

Leaders in the trenches touch on 3 areas of leadership:

  1. Leading others
  2. Leading yourself
  3. Leading your market

In this episode, Rick explores deep into many of the aspects of what it takes in “leading your market”. We look at being a market leader and how to find them. Rick is an expert in Facebook and his insights can help you beyond just Facebook advertising. Rick has a deep understanding of how to reach your ideal clients and about the dangers of attempting to help everyone.

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Let’s be direct and to the point…you can’t be a jack of all trades and master of none if you want a freedom based business. You are required to know your customers on a deep level.

The idea is to use your specific skills/talents that allow you to solve their problems. It is all about narrowing down to that target audience.

Key Points:

  • If you are not specific on your target audience, how do you know how to speak to them? There is a great deal of importance in the language you use to attract your ideal customers.
  • You are in business to SOLVE problems. You make money by solving your client’s problems. So if you have all these different kinds of problems for this enormous group of people, it is not really doing you any good.
  • The key according to Rick is to find the slice of the market that you can solve their problems with your unique talents.
  • The profitable niche is the segment of your target audience that you want to spend most of your time with or as Rick says “The Ideal Audience”.
  • Many believe they can serve everyone…it is better to really niche it down.
  • Using the language of your audience is how your marketing can be more powerful.
  • Successes in narrowing down to the RIGHT clients for you are all around. Be known for one thing and do it really well. Be seen as that expert.
  • More effective advertising can provide a steady stream of leads.

 Fears Many Face in Narrowing their Audience:

  • Rick often has to discuss the fear of limiting the target audience with his clients. It forces a conversation.
  • In order for Facebook ads (and really any advertising) to be effective, you must get over the fear of finding your target audience.  Otherwise, you are going to waste a lot of money.

Here is a TIP for you to help you find more of the clients that are RIGHT for you…picture the customers that just bought from you to fill out the customer avatar. If they just bought from you their purchase intent is defined and you can use them to find their interests and demographics.

You can even listen to current customers. Listening is a powerful tool when you really do it. Here is a freebie for you that can help you with your listening skills to get “inside the heads” of your ideal customers.

Get a freebie from “Leaders in the Trenches” that will help you with your very next step in being a market leader.  

Example for you:

Rick shares a story about a client of his that is using Facebook ads to drive traffic for webinars (online training events). Her success is becoming well known for solving one particular challenge. Rick has suggested that this is a good start, but now she should drive even deeper into a specific industry to improve her marketing even more.

Practical and Actionable:

  1. Set goals by coming up with a customer avatar by a set date.
  2. Break down the goal to make it achievable.
  3. Write down “What do I know about my ideal client?”

What is next for Rick?

Rick has produced a great solution if you want to create effective ads on Facebook. It solves one problem really well…develop and manages your Facebook ads so that your lead generation is on “auto-pilot”. I personally bought this product and know how specific and valuable it is. See the resources below for links to Rick’s website and his product FB Advantage.


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Tweet out to Rick and Gene about this interview. “Listen in on @rickmulready in his interview with @genehammett on “Leaders in the Trenches” Ep4 #LITT http://bit.ly/1p01bZS”

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  1. Jason Swenk
    Jason Swenk says:

    Great topic. If you are not specific on your target audience, how do you know how to speak to them? There is a great deal of importance in the language you use to attract your ideal customers.


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