025 Wayne Kurzen | Clarify and Simplify Your Vision to Know Where You are Going

Wayne KurzenThis interview with Wayne Kurzen is all about leadership and we dive deep into “vision” so that you understand where you are going with your business.

You share your vision with your team and make sure it is in alignment with the values, people, processes and more. Do you have a strong enough vision that pulls you forward through the hard times of your business? Get the 8 questions inside this episode to improve your vision.

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Wayne’s Target Audience:  Wayne’s target market is leadership teams in companies with 10-250 employees; teams who are seeking systems to help their business function and communicate better to improve results. Wayne’s group works with these leadership teams to help them implement EOS and its tools. 

Wayne’s company has defined and delineated an entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) that allows the leadership of companies to create a company’s vision,  communicate that vision clearer and effectively while also implementing that vision from the top level down to every employee with a simple set of business tools proven to produce the company’s desired results.

The system was created by a man named Gino Wickman who inherited his family’s business; when he executed this particular set of tools, his family’s company thrived and he later sold it for a considerable sum. From that experience and success, EOS was born.

EOS focuses on three main areas: vision, traction and healthy. A company must first have vision and then the traction to clearly lay out and execute that vision. And finally, the company must be healthy enough to create, initiate and fulfill its vision for itself.

Time and time again, Wayne’s group has found when the leadership team is healthy so are the employees of the company. Generally, if there’s an issue in the leadership team, that issue will also be reflected in the workforce of the organization. That’s why Wayne and his team work with the leadership team first to create vision, traction, and health. Once that foundation has been constructed with the leadership team members, it can be conveyed to the rest of the company.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What are the six areas that a company must be strong in so it can thrive?
  • Can Wayne’s EOS be implemented by a company of any size?
  • What are the eight questions to ask to create your business’ vision?
  • The typical frustrations and pain points Wayne sees in his clients when determining their target market?
  • What’s the biggest challenge in small businesses according to Wayne?
  • #1 business rule: what is it and why does it matter to your business?
  • How Wayne and his team get to the root cause of a company’s issues – and how it relates to you.
  • The unique system Wayne has in place for determining if his company and his potential client are a good fit – and what you can learn from his system.

Practical & Actionable (at [28:05]):

Of practical and actionable steps to take to get out of the trenches, Wayne has a few suggestions. First he recommends buying the EOS book, Traction: Getting a Grip on Your Business and reading Patrick Lencioni’s latest book called The Advantage. Patrick is one of the top experts on workforce teams who believes teams must be smart and healthy.

According to Wayne often we have smart teams and smart people, but the team itself is not healthy. If things aren’t happening, it’s either not the right people or there isn’t a clear vision, there’s not clarity and the team is not healthy. So I would just say take a look at whether you’re healthy. And also go online to my web site and I will give you an organizational check up to figure out how healthy your team is.

Another suggestion Wayne has is to go to the EOS web site and look through the resources there, including the videos.

When you do, ask yourself: do I really have some issues that I want to take a look at, some issues I really want to fix that I’ve been trying to fix for years without getting anywhere? And if so, is this (EOS) maybe something that will help me move ahead?

Wayne believes these questions coupled with the information sources listed will give you a place to start to dig yourself out of the trenches.


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