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Natalie SissonThe main reason why I asked Natalie on to the show is because of her clear brand. She stands for “lifestyle entrepreneurs” you don’t have to travel the world and live out of a suitcase, but you could if you wanted to. Natalie has take a few turns to find this “brand” because she started her blog wanted to connect with all women across the world. She shares how that is really just impossible so she began to do the work to narrow her ideal clients. We also discuss how Natalie has developed nine revenue streams in her business (however, she didn’t start there). Join us today to see why this is important if you want to be heard, appreciated and valued in your business.

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Natalie’s Target Audience:  Natalie’s target market is people who are 28-early 40s in age, they either have a business or are just starting out or have a side business in addition to their full-time job. They are more mature and have money to invest in themselves; they are not necessarily interested in travel but they do want that kind of lifestyle where they can take off as they choose.

Natalie Sisson is best known for her brand, The Suitcase Entrepreneur. What began as a blog has grown into a thriving business focused on helping others create and run successful lifestyle businesses for themselves.  But she didn’t start out as the suitcase entrepreneur. Like nearly everyone else, she struggled to connect and engage her audience until she began to niche down.

In the process of finding her niche, she has also learned how to delegate to her teams, create systems and schedules that allow for the maximum freedom in her day to day life; she can truly live out of her suitcase if she chooses!

Natalie is an example for all of us, wherever we are in our business. There’s always the opportunity to niche down further, create new visions for your life and your business. One of the great questions she asks to help people create their vision for their life is “If you could do anything, what would your day look like, smell like, feel like? Who would you spend your day with, what would you be doing?” Diving into these questions will help you create your niche and create the ultimate vision for your business.

As a fellow coach and podcaster, I was excited to have Natalie on the show. She’s done tremendous work to find her niche and dig herself out of the trenches. And she is completely transparent about what’s worked, what’s not worked as well as the struggles and the victories she’s had along the way.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What’s the most intimate form of marketing today?
  • What’s her routine and how does it set her up for an awesome day?
  • What’s the story behind how The Suitcase Entrepreneur came to be?
  • What’s the obvious factor he sees that is missing from most company’s growth?
  • The only reason my previous multi-million dollar business was successful.
  • What’s a leading learner according to Natalie?
  • Why she is so transparent about her mistakes and her successes in her business.
  • How many streams of income does she have and what are they?

Practical & Actionable (at [28:50]):

Natalie’s practical and actionable advice is to take 1-2 hrs this week or on the weekend and really look at your ideal client that you would love to attract into your life. Now ask yourself if your current niche is actually going to bring those people to you?

If it’s not, do the work on how to develop the niche that will. She suggests you start by interviewing some of your best customers and clients, ask them the right questions. Dig deep into their psyche and find out what they want. It will transform your business because when you have narrowed down your niche, you’ll know who you’re speaking to and exactly what they need. And when you know that, you can start solving their problems.


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