158 | The Entrepreneurial Journey Brings Out The Crazy with John Robinson

John RobinsonEntrepreneurship can be a lonely experience at times. For all of us entrepreneurs, this makes sense. We also know that what brought us to the experience entrepreneurship is our inner ‘crazy.’ Not everyone in our lives may understand the path that we are on because it truly is the road less traveled. John is here to tell us that that’s ok! This is just one of the many things we must surrender to as entrepreneurs. Because in our letting of this “stuff” we can clear the path for the BIGGER and the more AMAZING.

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Target Audience: John helps people get really clear about being a CEO and what it takes to be a CEO.

John left his cushy corporate America job behind and everyone thought he was crazy. John admits that he sees most people don’t understand it and he doesn’t expect them to. Stepping into your alignment takes a letting go of what you have now to get to something bigger. John believes in surrendering. That’s why he gave away 95% of his possessions 3 years ago. He surrendered all the ‘stuff’ to open up for something new which was Back Up CEO.

So what has embraced ‘crazy’ do for John? It made him think deeply about what sacrifice really meant. For John, sacrifice is about going against what you have been taught to believe. John was taught to believe that his self-esteem and identity was based on all that ‘stuff.’ Embracing his crazy showed him that his esteem was not built on all of the ‘stuff.’ He found that his esteem was built on the courage he would take to learn (not fail) but to learn and to keep learning. It gave him a process and a way of thinking that he could utilize when at his lowest. He’s now fully aware of what he is truly made of (which is something he couldn’t gain in the corporate world where things were simply handed to him).

This is what he helps others in- including John Loomer Here is the 3 steps…

  1. Thinking clearly. Thoughts have the potential to distracted. Thinking clearly is about painting your picture. You can smell, see, taste and feel it! Create the narrative of how you want it to look. To help people further, John is in the process of putting together “Crazy CEO’s and the Businesses that Made Them that Way.” It is based on the idea of owning the fact that you aren’t crazy and gives a way to attach to core leadership fundamentals. It’s about crazy honesty and intense effort.
  2. Speaking decisively: once you can think clearly and use words that have meaning to you, yet connect and influence others. Knowing how to use powerful words is something you must master.
  3. Acting boldly. This is about speaking and living what the verbs are. It is about getting into the depth of what a word means. Then the plans and strategy FLOW.

John speaks about what it means to be “Bizarrely Focused” Basically, sketch out something you really want to do and laminate it so that you may look at it all the time and ultimately you begin to live it!

John asks us to think about our Core Values. Go back to the inner critic and know what’s real and what’s not. Take a look at the judgment and question your own inner beliefs, assumptions, and fears. The buggy man is really not under the bed but inside of you.

John has taken bold steps and continues to learn from mistakes. He’s an avid learner. He’s invested thousands per month on strategic coaches, entrepreneur organizations, Vistage, etc. This is all to help him be a better leader. Leadership is a craft, not a skill! It’s about constantly learning and knowing you aren’t doing your best and that you can always do better. John, I don’t buy into not thinking you can do better.

Why do people stop or think they are done?

One word sums up the answer and that is SCARCITY. It stems from thinking there isn’t enough time, talent, people, money, guts. In contrast, the feeling and belief in ABUNDANCE give us the will to create. When we get into our creation mindset everything is possible. Mediocrity is so easy to embrace when you don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

In this episode, we’ll cover

  • What John had to let go of to get to something bigger
  • Why you must question your inner critic
  • Embracing the ‘CRAZY’ that comes with entrepreneurship
  • The mindset of ABUNDANCE over SCARCITY
  • 3 ways to fully embrace your own inner ‘CRAZY’
  • How to get laser-focused on your dreams so you may start living it

Practical and Actionable

Give 15 minutes to STAGE your day! Give yourself an A+ and then aim to earn it. That’s what motivates John.

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