186 | The Key Elements of Growing Fast with Kimra Luna

Kimra LunaBuilding a business fast is likely your goal. You can take your time, but fast movers tend to learn the lessons and grab the mind share of the market. Today we discuss the key elements of a fast growing brand. Our guest is Kimra Luna. Kimra built a business by being authentic and adding value to her people. Kimra’s success goes beyond money (she did that too), but it is even a bigger deal to grow a thriving community of 20,000 people that just love her. Find out the secrets in today’s interview.

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Target Audience: Kimra is a personal branding and social media strategist serving business owners wanting to take their business to the next level. Kimra targets entrepreneurs looking to not only make consistent income but income that keeps growing throughout the years of running their business.

Kimra started out as a humble blogger. She once had the opportunity to do a webinar and discovered she loved teaching. This catalyzed her into creating her brand Be True Be You http://kimraluna.com/. In just 18 months, she generated 1 million in sales from her programs.

According to Kimra, Branding is about a feeling people get when interacting with you and what you offer. Her intention through her brand and business was to create connectedness and support. And this is exactly how she was able to build a Facebook Group (Freedom Hackers Mastermind) with 18,000 people in it. Kimra’s philosophy is to keep serving people until they become your customers.

Remember that the *feelings* your brand evokes matter the most. This is what leads to RAVING fans. While Kimra did utilize some paid marketing in the beginning to get the ball rolling, she primarily just spends time in her community helping people. Those people then share who she is.

Ya Got to Have Some PERSONALITY…

With any business you must be willing to show who you are: Your personality. People want to see authenticity. It’s about trust. We’ve been manipulated with marketing for so long that we ignore it. This way of marketing is outdated and no longer works. By spending time interacting with her community, Kimra is able to identify how she can best serve them. This is how to truly CARE for your audience.

Social Media is a form of listening. It’s really easy to listen to our audiences now because we can simply just read what people are thinking. Kimra places relevant feedback in a google document to gain a deeper understanding of what people need.

Kimra LunaIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to create a thriving business super fast
  • How to create Community on Social Media
  • Why the life of an entrepreneur is never SOLO!
  • Why paid marketing comes second to Authentic human connection
  • How to understand what your audience needs through social media

Practical and Actionable:

Create a Sales Page where people feel you understand their needs. It must exude your true Authenticity so that people want to be friends with you. Be very aware of who you are serving, otherwise, it’s difficult to communicate how you can serve them.

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