208 | Mindset Clarity Exercise with Dan Sullivan

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Dan Sullivan

You have heard it before and you will hear it again. Mindset is the foundation of success. As an entrepreneur, mindset is so critically important that if you lack the primary drivers of value creation and growth thinking, you will limit your overall success. Dan Sullivan with Strategic Coach shares a deep look through the entrepreneurial mindset via an exercise to unlock new opportunities. Mindset truly is the foundation of growth, creativity and value creation.

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Target Audience: Dan’s programs serve entrepreneurs seeking to strategize their business plan.

Dan set out to be a coach back in 1971 when the everyday “Joe” had not a clue about what a coach might do. He claims that 1980 was a breakthrough year for him because the personal computer came about. For Dan, this was what truly marked the beginning of the entrepreneurial age.

Entrepreneurs by their very nature seek freedom and possess an unusual degree of self reliance and resilience in the face of unpredictability. Dan admits there is a price you pay when you’re out there on your own: you lose feedback. It’s hard to ask yourself questions. So a coach is extraordinarily useful in this respect for those on the entrepreneurial journey.

Choosing Your Ideal Clients

It’s natural for many entrepreneurs who first start out to be too flexible about who they take on as clients. However, Dan encourages us to choose those who will have a productive relationship with you.

Here is the PROCESS you can do to get Clarity

Choose your 3 best clients – the 3 best relationships you have (or have had)
Then- what was their mindset – their qualities- what makes it easy and rewarding to work with them?

Boil it down to 8 MINDSETS. There will be an energy shift in doing this process

For example Dan’s 8 Mindsets are:

  1. Ambition
  2. Always growing
  3. Risk taking
  4. Willing to change for something better
  5. They are Team players
  6. Total perseverance
  7. Constant Tester (you don’t fall in love with your ideas before the market does)
  8. Reciprocity – the natural feeling if someone does something for you, you do the same

This has been tested over 22 years and it always works! These are his set of rules – what are yours?

Dan says, you suddenly develop a consciousness as you meet people. They are like SENSORS! You can tell by a conversation whether it’s a go or no go.

Dan Sullivan

Practical and Actionable

Try the process – it will take you about 15 minutes!

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