226 | What is Success? with Russell Brunson

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Today’s guest is best selling author, Russell Brunson. Russell’s mission is about helping small business entrepreneurs start and scale their online companies. His software company ClickFunnels is one of the top super affiliates in the world. Learn how Russell uses his own personality and personal stories to connect with his audience and grow his business. Find out how you can do the same.

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Target Audience: Entrepreneurs with smaller based businesses who create a revenue of about 1-10 million dollars. They are wanting to get their message out to more people.

ClickFunnels: WHAT IS IT?

Click Funnels was created to help entrepreneurs around the world start, promote and grow their companies online. ClickFunnels is the tool that makes it all possible.

After lots and lots of trial and error Russell finally understood what worked. Authenticity and building something like ClickFunnels which was easy for any entrepreneur to use. Russell says this has made him feel his own personal Significance in the world. Security and Contribution are what get him fired up.

The Marketing Plan:

Step 1 is to focus on building a list. There are benefits you will create for the long term. Step 2 is to create consistent content that you keep sending out. Russell began sending out 1 email per month. When he shifted to sending out 2 emails for month, he more than doubled his income! Then it became 1x per week which once again, doubled his income.

One very KEY component of all this, is that his content contains within it his personality that communicates with his audience. Russell says the relationship customers have with you more important than anything else. Soon, after being encouraged by his mentor, he began sending out an email 1x per day. Although Russell was very hesitant and scared that people might get annoyed at first, he took a leap of faith and started doing it.

More and more, Russell revealed his authenticity. He now shares many small pieces of his life and has developed a more personal relationship with his audience. He made the shift from being totally corporate emails to more personal. This means, he doesn’t always talk about his products or what he is selling. This totally changed focus of the business.

Russell says to go out there and create your own attractive character. For example, when Russell decided to share his own personal story about getting pregnant, he attracted a wider range of people. So now he shares pieces of his life which inevitably relate to different types of people. Share the parts about you you may be nervous or afraid to. When you do, people will respond.

SO, Why ClickFunnels?

Russell’s mission in creating ClickFunnels is about creating a faster process. And it is so simple, anyone could use it independently. He now has 15,000 active members.

Practical and Actionable:

Identify your attractive characters. Who or what communicates with your audience? Learn how to communicate your stories with others. It may not be 100% relevant to what you are selling. But it’s about connecting and building your relationships.

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