229 | What You need to Know About Writing a Book with Tucker Max

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Our Guest today is Tucker Max, CEO and author of Book in a Box. The philosophy at Book in a Box highlights that the best way to get an idea into the world, is through a book. The problem most people face is that books take too much time to write, and the traditional publishing process can be tedious and frustrating. Tucker shares with us the foundational values all authors must have when writing a book.

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Target Audience: Tucker is the CEO of Book in a Box where ideas are turned into books. The company targets Business Owners, C Level Executives, Coaches and Consultants. Specifically, these are people who have important or valuable ideas they want to get out into the world.

Why You Should Not Write a Book

Be sure the desire to write a book is not coming from an egoistic place, says Tucker. Especially if you don’t have anything to say that’s valuable. Publishing a book should have nothing to do with ego and vanity. Also, Tucker warns his clients about having the wrong expectations. If you are doing it because you are planning to create best seller, you’re setting yourself up for disillusionment. It’s not that it can’t happen, Tucker says. It’s just not where you should be coming from. The intention should always be about providing value to your audience.

So Who Should Write a Book?

For a lot of businesses, it is one of or the best marketing tools they can create. Publishing a book has the potential to establish your authority and give credibility for what you know. It differentiates you. Books are the new “college degree.” Trust is another aspect gained. It gives business owners a way to jump ahead of the pack.

BIG IDEA Books vs. Teaching & How to Books

Tucker highly recommends people do not write big idea books. WHY? Because it is not niched. Remember, trying to serve everyone does not work (most of the time). And it is easier and more efficient to talk to 10,000 people than 10 million people.

How Book in a Box Works

Tucker’s company has a Systematic and Algorithmic way of turning people’s concepts into books. No content is added (the way a Ghostwriter may serve an aspiring author).
The system includes Interviewing people for 15-20 hours over the span of 5-6 months. This allows the author to get everything out of their head. They essentially translate it. Then they position it by understanding what result is desired along with what audience you want to get that result. It is then structured and outlined in about 15-20 pages.

Authors are then interviewed based on that outline. The outline is transcribed from the spoken word into book prose. When manuscripts are completed and approved based on the client, the publishing process begins.

Practical and Actionable:

The 3 step process to qualify for Book in a Box. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself. Do you meet the requirements?

  1. What result must I get for this book to be worthwhile to me?
  2. What audience must I reach to achieve that goal? There must be a primary audience (those that would book your speaking gigs) and a secondary audience (those people who would attend your speaking event)
  3. Understanding what you have to say that is interesting and valuable to that audience. It should be unique by definition.

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