234 | Making New Choices with Mike Pisciotta

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Mike Pisciotta

We all have times in our lives that force us to question the path we are on. We all have moments that make us choose a new direction. I have seen this for myself. And I have watched it in hundreds of others. This is about reinvention. Our guest today is Mike Pisciotta with Marketing Your Purpose. He shares his moment of reinvention that happened while in jail.

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Target Audience: Mike and his wife serve speakers, coaches and trainers or to those selling information on transformation. They are guided with funnel design, funnel optimization and Facebook ads (mainly).

Mike’s Story of Awakening

At age 18, Mike woke up in a jail cell with no recollection of how he got there. In that moment, it was like a brick wall hitting him. The first 18 years of his life were spent in a negative home environment surrounded by drugs. However, in that moment, something changed. Suddenly he experienced the realization of where he was and decided to make a choice to change.

He was sentenced to 10 years. And he decided to use every moment of his TEN YEARS (yes, ten years) to use the prison system to renew his perspective. He DECIDED to immerse himself in spiritual and physical development. He spent time learning about business and studied the markets.

10 years of “freedom” were gone. But he was not going to give them 10 years of life. He knew in his core that it didn’t mean he had to give them his life. He decided he was going to live. This type of choice was not made by most of the guys around him. In contrast, they threw in the towel. But Mike was different. He still felt he had a chance and knew he could do something with his time.

The Power of Choice

No matter what life hands us, we always have a choice. We have a choice to move things forward and to change things. Your present state is not what defines you. This is about Owning your faults. It is about Owning the choices you’ve made and wherever that may have brought you now. This takes a Shifting of the responsibility from the external to the internal.

Getting Uncomfortable

When we find ourselves in a state of dissatisfaction, we can use it to put fuel in the fire for transformation. Change the cycle. But, people stay in a cycle because it’s comfortable. Expanding and growing yourself is a lot more uncomfortable. What choice will you make?

Mike admits that he knew this was not something he committed to just one day- but every day. Consistency and dedication are required. There are always challenges. That commitment to press forward allows for the building up of a legacy.

Practical and Actionable:

OWN wherever you are in your business. Own that it is there and that you are there. Own the fact that it is the way it is because of the choices you have made or have not made. Then, make the CHOICE to change that and begin taking steps in a different direction. Use what you don’t like as an excuse to create transformation.

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