235 | Significance with 48 in 48 – Jeff Hilimire and Adam Walker

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Jeff Hilimire and Adam Walker

One year later, 48in48.org is pushing into new realms. They are doing another 48 websites for 48 nonprofits this year in Atlanta. And they are also doing another set of 48 websites for another 48 nonprofits in New York. This is a unique episode with so many guests. I interviewed different people involved to get their perspective of this movement. Also Adam Walker and Jeff Hilimire share with me the BIG vision for 48in48.org. I really think they are crazy rebels for putting it out there and I love them for it.

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Target Audience: 48 in 48 provides a volunteer opportunity to developers, designers, working in marketing and in IT build websites for nonprofit organizations. The aim is to complete 48 sites in 48 hours.  

The 48 in 48 Project is about SIGNIFICANCE

The founders, Jeff Hilimire and Adam Walker felt like they wanted to step up their commitment. They want to show that they are a great technology company while at the same time, give their employees an opportunity to do something they love doing. The purpose is to put their passion and skills behind something that is great for the community.

The project is focused on giving back to nonprofits. The people behind the nonprofits they select are the best at what they do. However, they may not have all the technical essentials in place (i.e- a great website).

Here are some perspectives from the Volunteers

Roshell (Volunteer):

“I saw something that was so incredibly exponential. Not often that you get to engage in a volunteer opportunity that so goes beyond its initial effort. Seeing the impact it had on the people giving their time and on the community- it was a no-brainer that I’d come back again.”

“Nonprofits are dealing with multiple audiences- those they serve and the audiences they are trying to connect and gain support (monetary) from. It’s a challenge and the voice that speaks to the site needs to be different. There are multiple levels with how nonprofits must communicate with their audiences.”

Gina (Volunteer):

“The project helps the community at large and builds closeness. This is a huge gift”

Tod (Volunteer):

Tod brought his son to the event because they share a love for technology. Tod says this project is unique because you get to see something that goes from nothing to completion so fast and you see the impact that the nonprofits walk away with. It is something they may not have been able to afford any other way.

Perspective from Adam Walker and Jeff Hilimire

The Creators Plan to Take it to the Next Level. They intend on testing places outside of Atlanta. This year, they stepped it up with more sponsors and volunteers. The event and logistics have taken a big step forward. The Core team has been nurtured so that the project can be taken to other cities.

48 in 48 is a representational symbol of using talents and skills to give back to the community. It is highly niched, involved and connected. The volunteers are doing it because they WANT to do it. That’s the major motivating factor driving this project forward.   

BIG VISION: What’s next

The Project Will be doing 48 of these across the globe in one weekend. Once this system is scaled and replicated, there is no limit to where the goods can be shared. The locations and nonprofits that can be served will continue to grow. There will be more of good people pouring into other people who are also doing good!

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