238 | Getting Out of your Comfort Zone with Dr. Liz Bywater

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Dr. Liz Bywater

Living for comfort is a mistake. Yes…if you seek comfort in all that you do, you will fail to grow and navigate the challenges of life. This interview is all about understanding your comfort zone and stepping outside that zone so that you grow. Dr. Liz Bywater is our guest who shares her views on the comfort zone.

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Target Audience: Dr. Liz Bywater works with leaders across the Fortune 500 companies. She serves leaders and teams. The focus is always on helping them do their best work. It is about elevating performance, being more effective, making the right decisions and getting things done.

Transitions in Roles: Moving Out of Comfort Zones

Dr. Liz has a passion for Leadership teams. She loves to guide individual leaders in pulling together their teams. This could be a matter of hiring new people – re-organizing the team or even helping the team to understand the overall vision and direction. Also very important is that they have good ground rules for working with one another.

Whether it is a parallel move or any other type of move, there will always be new ways you must learn to have impact.

What’s in the way of making a transition or that next step for most people?

People are in a role for a certain period of time. One gets to know where their strengths are and probably risen to a leadership level based on expertise. At each step we are being pushed farther and farther beyond our intrinsic comfort zones. According to Dr. Liz, you have to try new things and interact with people in different ways. You have to communicate on a higher level.

Sometimes you are asked to transition into a role that’s exciting yet intimidating. You are required to utilize certain leadership skills you may have not learned. Or those skills could be sitting in you waiting to come out and you just don’t know it yet!

The Concept Behind the Infamous Comfort Zone

There’s lots of validity around the idea according to Dr. Liz. However, whatever degree of comfort there may be, there is always room for the potential to stretch. But who we are at our core (our confidence) determines so much. Dr. Liz is all about the ‘fake it until you make it’ idea. She says, show people you know what you are doing. People will see the confidence you are projecting. Get intentional about what is you want to grow.

Get out of the worry place in your head. Get excited and ready to go. You can do this on a daily basis. Take a pause and a breath at some time in your office so that you are prepared, posed and confident about what you are about to deliver. Prepare yourself to engender the confidence of the people around you.

We’re living in a world where people have never felt more rushed and there’s no way to sugar coat it. People are running around as if there is a fire everywhere. This is not a sustainable model or a growth model for individuals. And while it is a challenge, it is not an insurmountable challenge.

A “Forced Pause”: What a session with Dr. Liz Bywater looks like…

Dr. Liz asks her clients: What are you trying to achieve and what are the best actions- what will get you to your end goal?

Ask yourself: What on items could be tackled your calendar today that will help me get to my goal more quickly? And what can I take off? By deciding what to take off, I’m deciding if this is something that I have to do or someone else has to do.  Take it off your plate. Also the question of when is of essence? Will it be now? Later? Never? This helps one to come up with real strategic ways to do things to move forward more rapidly.

The Inner Game

The inner game is essential. Your inner belief system determines how you decide the actions you take.

Dr. Liz holds up a mirror to people – so they can understand their own impact. She asks about 8-10 people in the company questions about her client. This gives insight into how the client is coming across.

The Model Dr. Liz uses: “PRP”

PAUSE- assess where you are and where you have been

REFLECT- take the time to look at what you bring to the table; what are the gaps?

PROJECT- Taking action. Identify and determine how you will reach your goal

Why Executives Dr. Liz?

Dr. Liz chose to work with executives because they are motivated and want to take action. She finds them to be smart, motivated and interesting. Likewise, they can impact those who work all around them. The culture they set has a major impact. The impact is broad, wide, deep and thus meaningful!

Practical and Actionable

Write down your PRP. Decide to take a deliberate pause  (determine how much time you’d like to take out for this). Take a deep dive and develop your strategy using this model. Create your dynamic plan.

Resources and Links

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