246 | How to Build Communities That Drive Business with Arthur Tubman

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Arthur Tubman

Our guest and creator of Monday Monday is Arthur Tubman. Tune in to discover how building a successful business is all about creating a 2- way communication street with a resonating community. Find out how Arthur creates meaningful content and why he says skills can be learned and why you shouldn’t worry about them! Focus on training your daily habits! Plus find out why Arthur thinks mentorship and masterminds are crucial to any entrepreneur’s success.


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Target Audience: Arthur’s mission as a brand builder is to help small business owners scale their digital marketing efforts.

Arthur runs several businesses and is a self proclaimed serial entrepreneur. He created a successful blogging site called the Monday Monday Network. Why is it so successful? Well, in the first 45 days, it was visited by 10 million visitors. And get this- it was all 100% social, organic traffic! 


Arthur attributes much of his drive and success to his parents, who came to the United States with virtually nothing. He witnesses so many people who give up when things get hard. When things get tough for him (which they do – as they do for all of us!) the values his parents bestowed upon him are what keeps him going. It is the attitude he adopted.


UNSTOPPABLE – A Relentless Attitude

From Good to Great to Unstoppable. Arthur discovered that successful business building is about bridging it with building community. Creating that 2- way communication street is everything. He quickly learned how to build massive communities around any subject. It then becomes easier to integrate your business and sell your business to a culture. Facebook has been revolutionary in that it provides that 2-way street.


Building The Communal Bridge

Arthur became an affiliate on Amazon. He started selling things by building a list and gave away little infographics on survival mentality, etc. It just unfolded and evolved from there. He currently has over 200 verticals.


To Arthur, bridging the gap is about tapping into something he is passionate about and bridging that with something he knows other people are interested in. These are things that people love to buy anyway and figured they might as well be buying it from him.

Famous Quotes from Entrepreneurs

Arthur found that quoting other entrepreneurs in his content marketing strategy was effective.  He went on to create viral photos, memes and videos. He then shared that with the community and created questions around it, aroused debates, etc with entrepreneurs and watch-preneurs. This became a breeding ground for people to come to him. For every quote, meme or video, he also created his own personal thing behind it. This allows people to get to know him.


The Monday Monday Movement

What is it? Monday Monday exudes the concept of creating something bigger than your brand. He started to explore building an entertainment site across various verticals in order to build a community around the topic. It is also meant to be organic via the use of social media.

Putting It All Together

It takes 3 different areas working incongruently: the area of buying fans, social media posting, (the content piece) and engaging the audience. Arthur likes to say, “we are building a CULT-ure”

There is always a bridge from your business to building a community that would resonate with your audience.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Bridging business success with a resonating community
  • Why creating community also means creating a 2-way communication street
  • The importance of meaningful content
  • Why skills can be learned and why you shouldn’t worry about it
  • Training your daily habits


Practical and Actionable:

Consistency is really important. Arthur doesn’t attribute a lot of his success to his skill set. Skills can be learned. What CAN’T be learned (what needs to be trained) are habits. He found a person who could mentor him in doing this effectively, so that he wouldn’t have to figure it out on his own.


Mentorship is super important. Identify someone who is doing something very similar to you. Be willing to invest and go to great lengths to stay accountable to the process.


Join mastermind people who are like minded. You open yourself up to a network of people who are doing similar things as you.


Resources and Links

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