247 | How to Build Your Team and Define Your Culture with Mike Ganino

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Mike Ganino

Our guest Mike Ganino joins us today to discuss his training and culture tips that help to build a team and ensure the future success of businesses. We talk about what culture actually is and why great leaders possess listening skills. Tune in to find out how to define your vision while creating a rich culture for your team that motivates them to come into work every day.  

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Target Audience: Mike works with creative agencies and teams in the hospitality space. He helps them figure out how to define and execute the culture in a way that will get them results they want.

So, What is CULTURE?

It’s about the conditions. What’s going on in the office every day? How many people are there? What’s the temperature? When people look to their left or right- how do they feel about it? How do people make decisions? When they wake up in the morning- what do they feel their day will be like? When they walk through the door- what does that feel like to them? Culture is about getting the conditions right to get the results you want.

Great Leaders and Teams LISTEN

You start to see what the brand and vision could be when you listen. Here is the Model comprised of 4 components Mike works with to drive a brand forward.

  1. Establish The Vision: What does it look like 2-4 years from now (success)?
  2. Clarity: How will we interact with each other?
  3. Systems: avoid reinventing the wheel every day
  4. Getting clear about gaining feedback of whether we’re on track or not

Defining the Vision

Sit down and pick a dot in the future. What are we doing and how are we spending our time? These are not necessarily goals. Rather pretend like it’s that time you chose. What does it all look like? Imagine it as if it is happening right in front of you. This is actually what Millennials (those people who most likely comprise your team) want most of all. They want a clear idea of what success looks like in the future.

Everything Stems from Vision

It needs to be clear and specific. Sometimes, people really don’t know. Maybe they haven’t spoken about it before. It’s about stopping to think about what you’re doing. It’s about filling in the gaps. It’s being intentional

What are some of the gaps people miss? Here are some questions to ask:

  • How have we been profitable?
  • How do we keep track of what we are doing?
  • How do we measure success financially?

Breaking the Barrier of an Unclear Vision

When people are unclear about the vision, Mike asks them: What do you KNOW is NOT a part of your vision? That question helps to unfold the vision. He also asks: what would make you proud? What mark are you trying to create in the world?

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The definition of CULTURE
  • What does establishing Vision entail.
  • Why everything comes from Vision
  • The power in listening!
  • Ways to get clear on the Vision

Practical and Actionable:

Culture is about giving people a reason to work and connect with each other!

Sit down and write a vision. Ask yourself what you don’t want. Then establish what you DO want. Pick a time in the future. Imagine and then ask yourself what the culture and success of the business looks like at that time. Include enough detail so that people are clear enough to know what they are working with

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