257 | How to Win in Today’s Market with Marc Werner

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Marc WernerWhen you have success in ONE WAY, the tendency is to look at new ventures through the same lens. In other words, when something works why change it?  Marc Werner, founder of Nature Sleep, didn’t want to fall into that path of thinking. He comes from the Werner family, where ladders were their thing. The market for ladders has been amazing over the decades; however, Marc’s new venture had to change with the times. Listen to Marc’s process for developing a new company in the bedding market.

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Target Audience: After three neck surgeries, Marc Werner started Nature’s Sleep where he developed a mattress that would support his neck and back after not being about to find one that worked. His products now serve others suffering similar pains.


Nature Sleep is a wholesale manufacturing distribution business for memory foam mattresses, pillows and toppers.


Several years ago, Marc knew e-commerce was going to be a big thing. And he knew he had to develop the business to serve the TWO masters: direct consumers and the nature sale wholesale business.


Transitioning Points

Marc realized he wanted to develop a business that was “ASSET LIGHT.” Why? Well, he realized there was too much excess supply around- just with everything. And he wanted to brand a business that would be scalable.


He didn’t care to tend to real estate, (locations) people to pay, etc. So partnered with companies like Fed Ex and others. This required a major shift in the way things had been always done. In the old days you had to have locations, people, etc. Not anymore!


How Did You Let Go of the Way it’s Always Been Done?

It’s hard- people are creatures of habit. But Marc admits that he wants to win. Be willing to make the changes that will take you to the promise land. Things constantly evolve and change. You have to pivot.


You Have to Play to Win

That means NOT playing defensively. You’ve got to strategize and be flexible. Marc shares that his business has an empathetic culture. Profits follow quality. You’ve got to be sensitive to dealing with all consumers, vendors, etc.

The 3 Horses to Focus On

Facebook, Google and Amazon advertising. Amazon is the ten foot gorilla- it is only getting bigger and bigger. Figure out how to work with amazon on every level. It will become more powerful than google someday.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to let go of the way you’ve been doing things
  • Letting go of holding on to excess “things” in order to thrive in TODAY’s world
  • Why Amazon should be your focus
  • The power in having an ASSET LIGHT business
  • The importance of having an empathic culture in your business


Practical and Actionable:

This is what Marc does: He looks at constant info in his business field (competitive analysis) and sucks it all in like a vacuum in a granular way. He takes in the data by walking 25 miles a week and thinks about this data. He processes it and comes up with ideas. Try it!


Resources and Links

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