266 | Getting Started with Facebook Lead Generation with Marya Jan

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Marya Jan

Having a steady stream of leads for your business is powerful for many reasons. Think for a second about you having the systems in place that allow for quality prospects to be lining up to talk to you about your services and products. If you have not looked at Facebook to generate leads, you are missing something. I have struggled in this area, so I look to experts like our guest for today, Marya Jan, to share insights that will upgrade your systems for getting leads into your world.

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Target Audience: Marya Jan is a Facebook ad strategist. She serves coaches, experts, and service-based entrepreneurs. Her aim is to help them get tons of leads to generate business and to convert leads into clients.


Why Facebook is A Great Use of Your Advertising Dollars

As we all very well know, there are just so many people on Facebook. One can get super targeted. Facebook ads allow us to get in front of our ideal clients in a way no other advertising platform provides. Marya says it is “Hyper Targeted” because you can basically get in front of anyone you’d like to reach


As with any process, Marya offers us some steps to take.


Step 1: Who are you serving? Who is your ideal client? Identify this first and foremost.


Step 2: Create an offer on your Facebook Ad that motivates your ideal client to Sign Up for your email list. It can be a  service package or something free yet highly valuable (think checklists, infographics, etc).


Then a plan – or a campaign is created via email communication. Essentially you are building a relationship. Then pitch the offer. This is the simplest way Facebook ads can be used as a starting point.


The Ideal Client

If the person cannot be imagined, it is not specific enough. The more specific you can be about who this person is, the more likely you’ll be able to “Hyper- Target.”


Step 1: Start of with your competitors by making a list of your niche. Then target their audience.


So how do we increase a steady stream of leads? By using the opt-in offer (be sure it is something highly valuable and that people actually want it). Cheat sheets and checklists work best. And they also work well on Facebook as ads.


And yes, how you formulate your copy is everything! And so is the IMAGE. The image MUST pop in the newsfeed- it must STOP the scroll! Choose images that stand out. You’ve got to NAIL all these elements before starting your ad campaign. It is simple enough but it is not necessarily easy.



In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Facebook Ads get us in front of our ideal clients
  • Why your image in your FB ad must stop the scroll
  • Marya’s simple step by step process using FB ads
  • Identifying your ideal client so you can HYPER-TARGET on FB
  • How to convert leads into clients using FB ads


Practical and Actionable:

Create a Facebook ad strategy first. Educate yourself on Facebook ads first before you start experimenting. Even if you have a plan- start learning first. You can also outsource it too. You’ve got to know what you are doing-  before you spend even $5.  


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