275 | The Killer Question to Build Relationships with Tim Sanders

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Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders is an expert in relationship building. In today’s world of takers and money makers, Tim believes in approaching business with the utmost compassion. In fact, this is what led him to his first of multiple million dollar deals. Adding value to the lives of others and stepping into the market with a charitable attitude is the new name of the game. Tune in as we delve deep on building stronger relationships.   

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Target Audience: Tim is a researcher and speaker. He builds constructs to help business owners and leaders that are trying to build stronger businesses through better relationships.

You don’t build business relationships because you need business relationships. You build business relationships because you have something of value to offer. You’ve got to go into the market with a charitable attitude. In a world of takers, if you can actually be a giver in your style of relationship building, you will truly stand out!  

Stop Pitching!

You get more attention when you are not pitching. When you are in a conversation with someone, and you offer valuable information, you create intellectual gratitude. Looking at the content you publish online- 80% of that should be in service to your audience. Tim says that you’ve then earned the right to make something available to them. 20% of your content could then be direct marketing.

When Tim speaks with prospects, he asks them what they are working on at the moment and what they are excited about. He leaves “pregnant” pauses to give them space to keep talking about that passion project. Often times they will present opportunities for him to share his knowledge/expertise. Tim says: Resist the urge to talk about yourself!

Be a LOVE Cat

When you give them the space to talk about their “WOW” project, Tim says to  practice being a “love cat.” What he means by this is that any promises you make should be carried out at once. It’s your reputation on the line. Whatever it is that you are offering, be sure to deliver so that they can learn and benefit from it.

Usually, their WOW project is solving a problem. Tim will often times seek out a resource to help them along with their project. This approach led him to his first million dollar deal. It is gold when you offer a client prescriptive reading to help them solve their problem.

Being Instead of Needing

When you are FULL, you expect nothing in return. This way of BEING makes a huge difference in a world of people who want to know what you can do for them. Love isn’t just sharing, it’s also about having a lot of compassion. You’ve got to be a student of the game. Be willing to study your clients’ biggest problems.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to be a GIVER not a TAKER
  • Why giving makes you stand out
  • How Tim adds value to others’ lives
  • How to be a SUPER connector
  • Why you’ve got to resist talking about yourself

Practical and Actionable:

Make the leap from being a networker to a super connector. Every week by Friday at 3pm, you should have introduced 3 people that should meet. And then get out of the way. Basically, when someone has a need, you identify someone in your network who can help them.

Resources and Links

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