276 | How to Be Remarkable with Sue Falcone

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Sue FalconeHow do you build a business when it is so common to be positioned as a commodity? One aspect of that is to be intentional about how to be remarkable. Being remarkable is worthy of sharing with others. Today’s interview is with Sue Falcone who operates the speaker bureau, and she shares wisdom on being remarkable. You don’t have to be a speaker to gain insight from this interview.

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Target Audience: Sue serves entrepreneurs who want to speak professionally.  

Be Remarkable!

The word itself makes us smile. If you want to be a speaker- you have to STAND out both onstage and offstage. That means your personal branding – KNOWING who you are and honing in on the ability to communicate that very clearly. To be remarkable, Sue says you must HAVE:

  1. Great content
  2. Be sure it is quick and easy to understand
  3. Great take-aways

You’ve got to give them something transformational – they’ve got to hear that so that your message becomes theirs.

The Take Home Message

You have to realize that the message you cultivate is not about YOU- it’s about the audience that you’re speaking in front of. This is what makes one a remarkable speaker. People get caught up in their own stories. But you’ve got to consider who THEY are. Do your research- know THEM in advance and convey it in their language.

Success Rules!

Get to your speaking event early. Greet all the people that are coming to hear you. Even find out something about them. Then you are ready to have a great time with that audience.

Timing: make sure you have practiced a great deal to make sure you are under that limit. That will be a key part of exceeding expectations- time means everything.

When you are applying to speak, know that there is not much time. You have about 4 seconds to get in front of who you are applying to and get their attention. They are looking for a dynamic video clip. Invest time and effort in this to ensure you are seen as distinct.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What it means to be a Remarkable Speaker
  • How to prepare your speech
  • Key tips when applying for a speaking gig
  • Why you’re speech is NOT about you
  • Figuring out who you are

Practical and Actionable:

You’ve got to know who you are: if you don’t know who you are, people will invent it. Take a sheet of paper and write down the 3 most important things in your life. Ask yourself- am i really living that? Does it match? Take some risks and face your fears to really live out who you are.

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