277 | Finding Your Competitive Advantage with Sally Hogshead

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Sally Hogshead

The competitive edge of business is getting harder and harder to grab. Before anything, you must captivate your audience with your messaging. In other words, you must FASCINATE them. Today, I’m honored to share my interview with Sally Hogshead. Sally is a renowned speaker and marketing expert who has created a compelling way to increase your competitive advantage and “fascinate” your prospects. Sally Hogshead is a New York Times bestselling author, Hall of Fame speaker, chief executive officer of Fascinate, Inc. and a former advertising executive.

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Target Audience: Sally helps individuals look into themselves so they recognize what makes them special and influential. Sally loves showing people a new perspective on themselves. She starts by helping them see what they are doing right first instead of showing them how to ‘fix’ themselves.

Seeing yourself as others see you is not exactly simple. Sally helps people see themselves at their best so they can serve with intention. Her mission is to help people build businesses around who they naturally are.


The oldest word in the latin language is “Fascinare” meaning to be bewitched or held captive so your listener is powerless to resist. This concept of fascination – the ability to hypnotize – and to captivate became the core of her business. Sally believes that fascination has become replaced by marketing. Marketing is sometimes about a repeated message (not necessarily fascinating) and people take to it because it has been grounded into them.  

Sally chose the concept of fascination for her business through the lens of science and psychology. Knowing how to be fascinating by captivating people is the solution to the problem people have when they are trying to gain clients.

Sally explains that in order to be fascinating, we must be aware of how we are seen by others  and use that for growth.

The Assessment: What Makes You Fascinating?

Sally created an assessment aimed to help you see how the world sees YOU. It describes who you are at your best. The language in your report is written as though it’s marketing copy for you. Thus, it also helps you articulate how people see you at your best.

The only way we can have our message make a difference in the world is to get people to notice and care. This is why knowing what makes you fascinating is so important.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why being Fascinating is THE marketing tool
  • How to know what makes you Fascinating
  • Why being Fascinating is important
  • Understanding how others see you
  • How captivating people is how we get our message to be heard

Practical and Actionable:

Take the assessment test and have your team take it too HERE. 

Use the access code: trenches (not case sensitive)

This tool will analyzes you at your best; how you are turning people off or pushing them away. It will identify what you are good at and what you need to let go of/outsource (stuff you’re ‘bad’ at).

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