Making the Most of Your Time – Behind The Scenes

Do you ever feel like you are behind in getting your work done? Well, you are not alone. I will share with you some simple and powerful ideas for making the most of your time. It is all about getting the most valuable work done. In my early years as the CEO of a team, I felt like I was always behind. I had to make some fundamental changes that I wanted to share with you to make the most of your time. I share a Warren Buffett story that will help you see what is most important to you. I will also give you a simple one-sheet paper exercise that will provide you with clues to making the most of your time.  


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Making the Most of Your Time: The Transcript

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Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.

Today we’re going to talk about your time and specifically how to optimize your time. And some few things I’ve learned along the way, as a CEO of a fast-growth company, coaching many fast-growth companies and their journey to fast growth on the Inc 5000. And just some of the things that just make sense, we’re going to share with you the, you know, kind of reasons why you want to think about your time. And we’re also going to give you some frameworks that help you improve your time. And please stick around, there’s a special offer here I want to make to you because I care about you so much.

And I care about you actually getting what you want out of life and making the most of your time. So with all that being said, I’m going to dive in right now, one of the things I’ve seen is, whenever you’re growing a company, you have a lot more time than you do have money than the very beginning stage. And I don’t know if you can remember back that far for many of you, and some of you are probably in that right now. But you have more time than you have money.

So you spend a lot of time doing the things yourself. You spend a lot of time taking care of small little details, and you working on this. And this is common across every entrepreneur I’ve ever seen. It’s rare, actually, when someone says, You know, I didn’t go through that phase. But when you think about your business, you have a lot more time in the beginning than you do now.

Now, why do I bring that up? It’s because you have to learn over time to let go of things. Because as you grow the company, as you add more people, as you begin to scale up, as you begin to add more products, reach new markets, whatever it is, add more systems, you will spill to stretch on yourself. And so you have to constantly be in a process of how do you improve the way you show up, and the way you use the time that’s available to you. Because as you know, we can’t create more time, I can’t sell your time, I can’t, you know, give you just, you know, more time to do the work, you have to learn to let go of these things.

One of the big things that kind of highlights This is there’s a big thing out there with Warren Buffett and I don’t know if he’s actually done this or not, but it’s talking about his pilot had been flying with him for years. And he’s like, these pilots can ask you some advice. And he’s like, sure. And he goes, you’ve been with me for years, I’d be happy to talk to you. And he’s like, you know, I’ve seen your growth over the years. And I’d love for you to give me some words of advice on how I can achieve my dreams. And he goes well, it starts with listing the 25 things that you really want the most, all these goals, all the things that you want to accomplish in life. I start with those 25. And he goes.

Well, what do I do from there, and he goes, well get the 25 and come back today. I’ll see you tomorrow. And we’ll talk about what to do next. So pilot comes back to Warren Buffett with this list of 25 things. And he’s like, you know what to make sure you ordered them in the right order. So order them by now the most important first just start with the first 10 so kind of ad-libbing a little bit on the story. But you kind of get the idea, prioritize what you want out of life. And so the pilot did that the next day comes back and he goes, Okay, what do I do next with this list? Now that it’s, you know, all the things I want to do. And it’s in order. And he goes, marks off the bottom 20. He goes, What do you mean, he goes, they’re a distraction to you getting what you want most, the top five those top five goals.

Now, I think that’s a really incredible story to share with you. And if you’ve heard it before, maybe you’ve heard a better version of this, but you kind of get the idea of what it is. I even think that we could go even further and say that the five goals are too many. And then we have different areas of life. You know, we have no home life. We have our personal life. We have our health goals, we have spiritual goals, we have goals with our businesses, and financial and all that stuff. I’ve seen the wheel of life has been around for a while. I know that there are some balances necessary. But I also know that when you hit the top one or two goals in your life, sometimes hitting those goals makes everything else happen.

You don’t want to forget about the family and forget about the loved ones in your life. But when you hit that top one or two goals, in my experience, everything else gets a little bit easier. And I’m not talking about just financial goals, or thing goals I’m talking about whatever makes you who you are your real benefit my mind. When you think about those top goals that you want in your life. If you’re really clear about what you want to achieve, you have a much better chance to achieve the most important

but if you just try to do a little bit of everything, most likely you’re going to cause yourself a lot of frustration, even stress anxiety around the journey because you can’t get it all done. And so my suggestion would be, you know, first and foremost is really decide what you want. What do you want for the business? What do you want for your family life, maybe those two goals really take precedence over everything else? And, well, let’s throw in the health goal too. Because as we get older, I turned 50. Recently, we have to think about our health.

But I really want you to think about those two or three goals that really are the cornerstones of who you are, and what you want, make everything else in life easier. And if you can make those happen, then you will feel like you’ve been really lived your purpose. Those are the kind of goals I’m talking about dreaming bigger than you’ve ever dreamed of before. And, and that really is a big part of this. But when it comes down to your time, the thing that you want to think about it, most people, you know, fill their time with busywork. And I want to give you a simple framework that you can think about as you think about what you have to do on a day to day basis.

And all it takes is a blank piece of paper, and three columns, the three columns, you’re going to draw two lines to create three columns. And if you do this handwritten paper, it’ll actually work very easily for you. And it works like this, at the top of each of those columns, right down to the 20, like $20 $200, and $2,000. So you have three columns, $20 $200, and $2,000. Now, the thing that I want you to think about here is to look at your schedule, look at the things you have planned for today, and decide whether they’re $20 tasks, whether they’re $200 tasks, or whether they’re $2,000 task. And you might even think about how much time you’re spending on each of those tasks. Because we can do a $20 task that might take us, you know, seconds to do because we just did it or whatever it is replying to someone about travel arrangements and saying yes.

Now, should you do that? Well, we won’t get into the details of that. But when you think about how you’re spending your time, use this, this sheet of paper 20 202,000, what I typically see is very little goes into the $2,000 column, because people don’t know what actually goes into that column. And so some of the things that I’ve seen go in that column are when you’re a leader of a person, and you’re investing in that person, you spend an hour with them. And that output that is possible, is well over $2,000. So we could put it in the $2,000 very comfortably because hopefully, the conversation will generate a lot more than just the hour’s worth of work, it would generate and be leveraged for years to come. And every time you have these conversations in leadership, I think to go into at least that $2,000 column. So what else goes into that $2,000 column?

Well, if you’re raising capital, if you’re innovating your product, if you’re creating a new suite, Tzedek partnership, it’s hard to say for a second, if you were creating something that will move the business forward in a big way. But what we actually end up doing is spending more time doing $20 and $200 tasks than we do in 2000. And that actually is a pretty big problem if you think about it because you’re not really optimizing your time.

Now, I’m not saying that all of your time will be in the $2,000 range and above. But you want to make sure and be intentional about what is actually in that $2,000 that drives a $2,000 effect for your business for your life. And I truly believe that, that when you are putting more of your attention to the higher value work, the higher more strategic kinds of things, you will feel better about how you spend your time. But if you just show up for meetings, and you get the status, that’s invested $200 thing because it’s just you showing up and you listening in and saying what’s next, what’s next, you could have gotten a report for that you could have gotten that. Now your business may not be at the point where you’re ready to take your finger off the pulse. But when you think about how you’re going to evolve, the more time you spend in the $2,000 range, the better.

Now I actually think there are a few areas where you can actually maybe draw a little small box or maybe you take a post-it note and say what are my $20,000 time areas. I can remember back when I got some coaching. And one question that my coach asked me was, who are your most valuable customers? Now to give you the context behind that, that one question was up for debate because I was talking about how many problems I had to work on day in and day out, and those problems were really, you know, taking up a lot of my energy and time and so I was asked by my coach Linda, and that one question took me down a path of deciding how to strategize my business, it was well worth more than $20,000. The power of coaching is so incredible. I look back on that today. And that’s just one of my personal examples.

I’m sure you probably get one too. And I share all these things about your time today. Because I really want you to think about how you’re using your time. I think about it constantly, as I’m trying to evolve and play live at a higher level. How am I using my time, I’m planning my recharge time. And I’m really intentional about how I’m with my family. I’m really intentional about what I’m doing my health, and I’m not perfect.

This is all something I’ve been figuring out along my journey here. 50 years on this earth and all this to share with you is you know, how are you optimizing your time? How are you really pushing it to the next level, when you think about your time, I want you to think about another aspect of this? And you’ve got to be able to look at what is the real issue. Many times when I’m looking at a CEO’s calendar, or I’m looking at their inbox, or I’m looking at how they spend their time, and they’re telling me about this, we’ve got to find out what the real issue is.

The real issue is never what they bring. To me, the real issue is always something underlying either it’s a mindset, or it’s something about the way they’re thinking, not just about what’s happening in front of them, that they’re feeling one way because of the mindset if that makes sense. And so it’s always something deeper than what they’re what they originally thought it was, and what they’re experiencing. And my job is to help them uncover that. And the reason I bring that up is that this is really hard to do by yourself. It’s really, you know, something that you have to have a trained eye, you have to be able to ask the right questions. And I’ve been working for over 10 years as an executive coach to do that.

Now, I told you, I was gonna make a special offer for you today. And I have been doing a black Friday thing, I’ve never done a frack Friday thing before. But I wanted to make it available to those listening to the podcast, because you may not be on my email list, you may not be someone I’ve sent an email to or saw this on my Facebook pages or anything. But here’s the deal. If you want to sit down with me and look at your time, how you’re using your time and optimize it, then we are going to do that together, we’re going to sit down 90 minutes is what I’ve got planned to really help you understand how you’re spending your time, I just got off the phone call with a gentleman the other day CEO of a fast-growth company. And he’s like, I am getting things done.

But honestly, I don’t feel motivated. I don’t feel the drive, I used to be in Parliament because I’m missing the energy of the office. And so I’m working at home. And so I am not going to begin to prescribe this. But I could easily tell you what’s going on behind the scenes. And it is something that I’ve been trained to do. And it’s something I can do for you. I mentioned this to you today because you know, I want to make sure that you have a chance to get this offer if you want to do it. I know a lot of it says in there that you have to be an Inc 5000.

And frankly, you do have to be an Inc 5000 if you want the third bonus, or the second bonus inside this program, which is to be a part of the workshop, but here’s the thing, if you’re not on the Inc 5000. And your company’s not on the path for that, because if you if it is then we can actually get you an exception. But if you’re on the path to be on the Inc 5000 then you can get the full bonus structure that’s inside this offer. But if you are not, then I want you to make sure that the value there is still tremendous that one question that Linda asked me about my most valuable customers, because all my energy was being taken by someone else has generated millions of dollars for me and my businesses, for my clients as well. And so that one question is the power of coaching.

Now, do I know what your one question is? No, because I kind of get to know you, I get to talk to you. But I guarantee you will find that one question and here’s my guarantee on this. If you take me up on this offer to look at your time to spend 90 minutes with me, it is something you would have to invest in yourself. And the price of that is actually really, really amazing. I think it’s $500. It’s not about you know, $500 for 90 minutes of work is about $500 of the value of you really understanding how to move more of your work into the $2,000 an hour, not just accept the 20 and the $200 task kind of stuff.

That’s part of it. But the big part of it is what will really help you see the world differently and see yourself differently, create more energy, create more focus and be able to get more done and make the most of your time. That’s what this whole offer is about. I wanted to make sure you listening in today had a special offer. So it’s still $500 if you want to be a part of it, just go to Gene for slash time. The time is running out. Pun intended, but you really have to make the decision today I’m recording it On Monday, it was supposed to be a deadline. But I’m giving you a special URL. So only those that listen to this can get this offer. And you have until Thursday, you have Tuesday this week and Wednesday, this week after that fact, it will be 1500 dollars for this offer, I will make it available to other people at 1500 dollars. So you can get it for 500.

Now, there are some bonuses in it, I won’t tell you all about the bonuses because I just don’t want it to be that kind of conversation. If you want someone to sit down with someone and look at your calendar, look at what’s going on inside your time and help you make the most of it, then this is the best offer I know out there period, because I’m not giving you a bunch of video courses a bunch of stuff, I’m going to sit down with you and help you one on one privately in a conversation. And you get to have that and carry it with you for the rest of your life,

I want to make a difference for you. I want to make a breakthrough that allows you to look at your life and your time differently. And all you have to do is go to Gene Ford slash time. And what that will get you is $500 is going to get you 90 minutes with may get you some training stuff on your calendar and your emails, but also get you real clarity around how you’re showing up so you can make the most of your time. So just go to, you can find out more about the offer. You’ve got until Thursday this week. So I guess it’s going to it’s actually going to end on Wednesday night. But so you’ve got today that this is coming out on Tuesday and then also on Wednesday, those are the only two days to get it for $500. After that, it’s 1500. And I will probably put it on my website somewhere where you can actually go into that we may discontinue this all together. Because I’d never put together something this inexpensive before, I would love for you to take me up on this advantage and prove to me that the value of this is worth 1020 or 100 times more than that 500 if you want to be a part of that and be a part of a case study, and make sure you join, go to When I think about what I’ve done with my time, and all of the little frameworks and all of the things I do on a consistent basis, as my company has grown, it has allowed me to do all the things that I have accomplished so far. And I know I have to continue doing it.

So when I give you the framework, this is something you won’t be able to do yourself overtime over and over and over to keep yourself aligned with getting the most done. So go to And I wrap up today, saying that your time is precious that the energy that you put into work is so important. And you want to make sure you’re focused on the right things. And if you feel like you’re not focused on the right things to take me up on this offer, because it really is something that will change the way you engage with your own time. It will change our relationship here because 500 bucks are not going to make me rich, but it will give you some skin in the game to really push you to the next level. I want to help you go beyond where you are today. So this is the easiest way you can work with an executive coach. And I can help you with just a small amount of time and pour into you like never before. So if that’s interesting to you, make sure you go to for slash time.

Let’s wrap up today’s message with this one final saying if you want to grow your company and you want to be a better leader, think of Growth Think Tank. As always lead with courage. We’ll see you next time.

Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.

Making the most of your time



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