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My top resources to build your business as a speaker, coach, consultant, or any other kind of expert. All of these are 100% free. I give them to you to support your growth. If you have questions, email me at [email protected].

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Gene Hammett

My name is Gene Hammett. I help companies understand fast growth and manage the chaos of dynamic teams. My work is about transformational leadership and is perfect for companies that want to see rapid growth.

I write for major publications:

Inc Magazine – weekly column on HyperGrowth and Leadership

Entrepreneur Magazine – articles since 2015

Success Magazine – my journey of ups and downs of success

More Revenue…

Revenue and Pipeline Tracking Spreadsheet:

Tracking your revenue is essential to all businesses. Knowing what next month looks like with your sales will guide you to more productivity. The pipeline will give you a view of the opportunities that you are working. You can customize these to fit your revenue streams and your tracking. This is a big part of my SALES strategy and it works for me (and my clients).

Access the Revenue and Pipeline Worksheets in G-documents (Make a copy so you can customize.)

or download the EXCEL version.

More Clarity…

Chapters 1 and 2 of My Book “The Trap of Success”

My book is a brutally candid guide to the journey of business. It will help you understand your fears, call upon your courage, and find significance in your work.

Download Chapters 1 and 2 of my book.

Buy the book on Kindle, Paperback or Audio at Amazon  (Reviews on Amazon are greatly appreciated!!!)



Get more done. Period. Use one of the 3 options from top Best Selling Authors on my podcast.

Download The HyperProductivity Guide.


Start with Mission & Vision Workbook:

Want to think bigger and create a business that fits into your life. Use this list of questions to guide you.

Download PDF or WORD.


More Leads…

More Optins Tool Guide:

Growing your audience is important. It is work. This guide will help you create more effective optins that will enter into your world. There are many factors to the success of your lead generation. This is just part of the solution for leads, but helpful to many that want more prospects.

Download the Optins Tool Guide.


Your Own Workshop CheckList:

Developing your own small workshops can dramatically change your business. It can help you connect with ideal prospects and give you insight into their challenges. I love having 8 people in a room talking about their growth and their obstacles. It is one of the BEST ways to find clients.

Get the workshop checklist.


More Speaking Engagements…


Get Passed the Gatekeeper and Get the Gig Cheatsheet:

This is based on my research with meeting planners. If you want to book more speaking gigs, you want to understand the speaker selection process.

Download the Top 10 Priorities for Event Planners. (This is an optin form so that you get the extras that come with it.)

Research with 59 Meeting Planners on Speaker Selection:

My conversations with meeting planners to uncover the biggest mistakes in reaching out to them will guide you to getting on more stages.

Download the Meeting Planner Guide.


Emails to book speaking engagements:

In reaching out to meeting planners, I want to have simple templates that guide me to a personalized email. Please keep them short and avoid the pitch until you absolutely most pitch (nothing else works). Speaking is a game of relationships.

There are five emails here that cover the various stages of a relationship. None of these are meant to be absolute, but a starting point.

Download the 5 Email Templates to Book More Speaking Engagements.


Where to Find Speaking Engagements:

In the beginning, you likely just want to find stages to explore your message. You can’t test it in front of a mirror. You have to have live people. Ideally, the people are interested in your topic. The best speech to the wrong audience is still a BAD speech. This will give you some ideas to find your first stages. This is not about being a professional speaker — it is about how you build your business by sharing your message with a live audience.

Guide to 25 Speaking Engagements in your city.


Speaker Toolkit:

What do you need to become a speaker? Well, that is a great question. Most people waste time on the wrong things. Here is a guide to getting ready as a speaker.

Download the Speaker Tool Kit.


More Authority…

Starting a Podcast

We are celebrating 4 years and 400 episodes on the Leaders in the Trenches podcast.

This podcast has been an essential tool to getting my word out there. But the strongest benefit to my business is the relationships that the podcast has created. I get to give to others and build an audience.

Download the Podcast Tools and Checklist.

Here is a free training on my system for podcasting.

Get Published Training

How to become a contributor to publications like Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and more. This is a mini-course that I offer to clients that want to be seen as an expert or authority in their field. You can use this to publish your articles on industry-specific publications or with major media. It does require login as the course is hosted on a password protected part of my site. My articles have been published my Success, Entrepreneur and Inc Magazines. And some of the articles have been syndicated to other publications.

Access the Get Published Training.


The Authority Gap Challenge:

These worksheets will guide you to becoming an authority in your industry and help you build your business.


The Ultimate Guide to More Authority

Authority is a critical part of success when you want people to open your emails, put you on stages, or say YES to your offers. This will help you understand the factors of authority.

Download the Ultimate Guide to More Authority.


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