310 | Do you have TRUE Employee Engagement?

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Transcription of Video

Do you have real employee engagement inside your company? Think about that for a second. As a leader, do you know how engaged everyone within your team is at the work they’re doing? It’s not about satisfaction and it’s not about being bean bag chairs and all those things you may think it is. It is about them being committed to the success of the company. Committed to the goals of the organization and how they’re showing up everyday.

My name’s Gene Hammett. I help people understand hypergrowth and the chaos that that creates but also the opportunity that it creates and as you grow as a leader, you’ve got to understand the hypergrowth principles. Today we’re talking about employee engagement. It is a common conversation across all of business. When you look at leadership and you read anything about leadership, you’re gonna look and see that engagement is a huge issue.

Now, one of the things I recently learned from Kevin Cruz, a guest on my show, was about 70% of all factors that really define and shape employee engagement are determined by the leader themselves. It’s not the CEO. It’s not the overall vision of this. It’s about the direct report of that. So if you have a group of people of two, 10, 200, whatever it may be, those people see you as the critical element to whether they’re gonna be engaged at work or not. We talk about that inside the episode and I share this with you because I want you to take one tip away. If you want to raise your level of engagement, then you can do one simple thing.

You’re ready for that one simple thing?

You can have a conversation with your employees every month or two months or three months, about how they want to grow as a person, as an employee, as a team member. When you do that, when you have that one conversation with them, you get to understand what they really want. What skill they wanna have. What they wanna get as first promotions. Are they on track? You want to see the things so that they can really feel like you care.

Once you do that, you can determine how engaged they are by what they’re saying and what they’re asking you and you can figure out how to support them. But if you don’t have that conversation. If you avoid it, or if you’re too busy, you will really miss out on an opportunity to help that person see that you can be that inspired or evolved leader that you want to be. This is a hypergrowth tip. So, if you want to get more of these, you want to stay in tune, just go to hypergrowth.tips.

My name is Gene Hammett. I love to help companies that want to maintain hypergrowth or enter into hypergrowth in any phase. So, if you’re enjoying these tips, make sure you let me know. Again, hypergrowth.tips. Alright, talk to you soon.

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