How Speaker Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

Speaking on stages big or small is a great way to grow your business and position your authority. If you have a message or just a desire to share your core belief, you can get some great tips inside on each of these 5 episodes.

1. Amy Mead & Michael Port

Taking the stage is a privilege and an honor. The audience deserves all you can give them. Most speakers focus on the content so much that they forget the important aspects of the performance. Well, today is my privilege to share with you the interview with Amy Mead and Michael Port. Amy is a top ranked speaker coach and Co-Founder of Heroic Public Speaking (HPS). Michael is also a Co-Founder of HPS.

2. Jane Atkinson

Jane advises to have a strong and clear promise statement. From there make sure you have a professional looking website (not a homemade one) because you’ve got as little as 10 seconds to make an impression on your audience. Then, make sure you clear and strong message is in an apparent space on your website homepage.

Being a speaker can be quite a challenge because there’s so much free information everywhere. That’s why it is imperative to be an authority. This might mean writing a book. As a speaker, you really want to go from being unconsciously competent to being consciously competent

3. Chris Brogan

Taking the stage is a great way to promote your business and claim your authority. You can do it at local events or your next step might be national events or perhaps you are ready to get paid. Discover the insider secrets with today’s guest, Chris Brogan. Chris is a powerful and entertaining speaker. He shares what he has learned in his many years of getting paid well for speaking to corporations and even a 6th grade class too.

4. Gene Hammett

Taking the stage to get clients is not new. Likely you have heard that it is the highest ROI for lead generation

My experience over the last 5 years is certainly that speaking has the highest payoff. Speaking on a “stage” provides immediate credibility and trust that just meeting someone won’t give you. It is amazing how different the experience is when you compare attending an event to speaking at an event. The attendees look to the “expert” the speaker- as the one that has the answers. The Speaker has the chance to take the relationship 2 or more levels higher just because they have been invited by the organizers to share their perspective. It is a given that you want to be great at what you do- this is a must! If you are not good at sharing your thoughts and leading the audience to a new place, you will harm your future business. BUT if you stay in a realm of information and topics you are experienced in, you will likely have more information than anyone else in the room.

5. Les Brown

Motivational Speaker, Les Brown shares with us how the road to growth and transformation requires the COURAGE to change. If you want to evoke the spirit of transformation in those whom you serve, you must also commit to catalyzing that very thing in your own life. The intention and desire to grow must be practiced, exercised and executed consistently.

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