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Leaders in the Trenches is quickly growing to be a resource to Leaders, Owners and Founders that want to accelerate their growth. If you are looking to reach out to these leaders, this is a top place to reach them.

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Let me know if I don’t have something covered here in this overview:

    • 30-minute interview (guaranteed)
    • Based on real value for the audience, not a pitch
    • You can mention your offer, book, service that is alignment with your key message at the end of the show.
  • Send in a Hi-Res headshot once you book your interview

As for the talking points…”Leaders in the Trenches” is for the leaders, business owners, and founders that want to navigate the growth of business.  My hope is to have conversations with leaders (like you) that will inspire the audience to take action with practical and actionable advice. I have segmented the topics around these 3 areas of leadership:

1) Leading others
2) Leading yourself
3) Leading your market

The podcast is very conversational so I don’t use a script per se.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Host at Leaders in the Trenches Podcast

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Notable Guests on the Show:

Episode #88 - Michael Gerber

Episode #88 -Author of “The eMyth Revisited” NY Best-selling author

#64 Michael Port – Author of “Book Yourself Solid” NY Best-selling author
#22 Larry Winget – 6th Time NY Best-Selling Author
#14 John Lee Dumas – Host of “Entrepreneur on Fire” (The Million Dollar Podcaster)
#134 Pat Flynn – Speaker, Blogger, Host of “Smart Passive Income”
#118 Angelique Rewers – Speaker and Consultant, Owns The Corporate Agent

Also most recent interviews include: Les Brown, Ryan Deis, Howard Behar (Former President of Starbucks), and Ron Wallace (Former President of UPS).

About Your Host: Gene Hammett     

Gene HammettI love podcasts because they allow me to connect with other experts to get insights and stories of growth. I wanted to start a podcast for over a year, but the perfect idea did not come to me until December 2013.   Through conversations with various entrepreneur friends, an idea formed and began to percolate. With this platform, I am thrilled to talk with leaders in a variety of industries to gain new insights for my clients and me.  I just love the new people that Leaders in the Trenches has connected me with.

I am a true entrepreneur.  Previously I ran a multi-million dollar business that struggled in the beginning, but my discovery of how to focus on the RIGHT aspects of business and STOP doing the other stuff resulted in massive profits and growth.  Now I am fiercely committed to working with high-achieving business owners who want to lead with confidence and achieve true financial freedom (in months, not years).

As the Managing Director of Core Elevation, Inc., I help leaders transform from stagnate, stressed and struggling to thriving, growing, and loving their work. I work with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans. That perfect match is their “bullseye”, where they can add the most benefit and create the greatest wealth.  Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs never figure out how to find it. As a strategic business coach, my job is to help them hit it.

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Leaders in the Trenches is owned and operated by Core Elevation, Inc.
2897 N. Druid Hills Rd, #188
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