Attention: Inc 5000 Companies…

Find Out What We Discovered About Training High-Performing Leaders
by Studying the INC 5000 Companies

And why most companies are quickly losing their top leaders and what you can do about it…

Watch this important video to learn about the Leadership On-Ramp Framework.


In a Survey By Deloitte, Only 41% of Executives Think Their Company Have Adequately Trained Their LeadersTo Fuel Long-Term Growth.

So, why are most companies so unprepared?

The fast influx of millennials into leadership positions and the large exit of boomers has created a leadership gap within most organizations.

So if you’re a CEO of a fast-growing company, chances are your organization isn’t effectively preparing its high-performing leaders to drive results in today’s new economy.

This means that even if you don’t realize it, you’re likely falling behind your competition.

Thankfully there is a way to create, attract, and retain high-performing leaders for your organization.

So, if you’re ready to start fueling your company’s growth without taking yourself away from the important strategic work you should be focusing on then let’s chat.

Leadership Speaker Gene Hammett

Hi, my name is Gene Hammett

And I’ve trained leaders in more Inc 5000 companies than anyone else on the planet.

I’m the bestselling author of ‘The Trap of Success’ and my podcast ‘Growth Think Tank’ has had over a million downloads. I’ve been featured in Inc, Forbes, Business Insider, and many other top-tier publications.

And I’ve discovered the ONE thing that all the amazing companies have in common?…

They understand their people are their biggest asset and they invest heavily in them.

In fact, I’ve studied these companies exhaustively and applied all my training in my Leadership On-Ramp program.

With my program, you have a proven methodology that can quickly give you an edge and prepare you to grow your company by putting you on a predictable pathway to success.


“Gene learned the pulse of the company quickly and was able to add value very, very quickly. Improvement on the margins, speed, or just that experience that can make it 10 to 15 percent better is worth it in and of itself. ”

– Chris Ratterman, CEO of Shady Rays (No 54 on the 2021 Inc 5000 list)

“Gene definitely helped me transition from those moments and really helped me grow as an individual. And he’s definitely exceeded my expectations or what I thought we have accomplished together.”
– Rod Dod, Co-founder of Visiture (5-time Inc 5000 company)

“If you need revenue, if you need growth, if you need to evolve, he will give you all of that and more. Gene is someone I can rely on to take us five times or ten times the revenue we were.”
-Saint Hung, CEO of Universal Processing (3-time Inc 5000 company)

“As a business owner, you often feel like you’re on an island. Having a sounding board to bounce ideas off of helps a lot. His style is never to push you on things. It is to help you figure out and clarity on things.”
– Damon Schopen, CEO of Port Light Technology

What Do Your Emerging Leaders Get From The
Leadership On-Ramp Program?

1. How to become a self-aware leader: Who can find and fix issues before they become problems, giving themselves the space to lead themselves, and their teams with confidence that inspires growth. 

2.. The ability to delegate with confidence: It takes teamwork to achieve growth and leaders need to know how and when to delegate to their team.

3. How to demonstrate effective communication skills: Having tough conversations is the mark of a true leader. We teach leaders how to have those difficult conversations so both sides leave feeling empowered.

4. A proven methodology with an effective delivery: Most training is just a series of materials, reading, and videos without any real-life applications. Our training is interactive to reinforce the learnings.

5. Inspiring ownership: A mindset shift to create an effective team culture that goes beyond the job description and basic responsibility to a deep commitment to work and overcoming challenges.

6. Guaranteed results: If your team doesn’t demonstrate true leadership abilities we will work with them until they do.

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