Are You A Leader Continuously Striving For New Growth and Wisdom?

This podcast is for the leaders that are pushing the boundaries of growth, creativity and innovation. I interview best selling authors, world-class speakers and inpsiring entrepreneurial leaers to give you insights on taking your enterprise to the next level. 

This podcast is conversations with leaders for leaders.

Why Listen to
Leaders in the Trenches?

With over 200 interviews with game changers and visionaries for your pleasure, this podcast is for leaders leading leaders. Gene Hammett (that's me) is the host and does a deep dive with thought leaders and experts to expand your awareness of leadership, marketing and sales.

I've interviewed Michael Gerber, Pat Flynn, Michael Port, Greg McKeown, Larry Winget, Chris Guillebeau, Angelique Rewers, Ryan Estis and many more kickass leaders to help you.

Don't let leadership stress you out...

Leading others and leading yourself is a journey of growth and part of growth is dealing with difficult situations. Thriving in the good and bad times requires you to look new perspectives, develop new strategies and frankly to dig deep into your thinking.  On top of that, it can be lonely if you let it. 

You will find those conversations on this podcast.

About Your Host

My name is Gene Hammett.  Don't let the bowtie fool you. I have some mad skills in business as well as life.

I am a serial entrepreneur with more than $30 million in revenue since 2001.  Building, scaling and leading teams to new levels have been my joy in my professional life. It has been filled with amazing highs and heart-breaking lows. In fact, I lost it all ($3 million) in a 24 hour period and picked myself up to bounce back.  

Now I work with successful and ambitious leaders to navigate new opportunities. I love what I do to the core of my being and love to connect with business owners and founders to balance the aspects of strategic innovation and new ways to think.