Growth Think Tank with Geetesh Goyal

Speical 800th Episode – The Fastest-Growth Company on the 2021 Inc 5000 list – Human Bees with founder Geetesh Goyal

What does it take to be Inc’s Fastest-Growth Company? Well, it is more than just a great idea at the right time. The fastest growth company is one that can attract and retain talented people. They also know how to develop those people to drive growth. Today’s guest is Geetesh Goyal, Chairman & CEO at Human Bees. Inc Magazine ranked this company #1 on the 2021 Inc 5000 list. Human Bees, are a nation-wide recruiting company specialized in placing engineers, IT professionals, manufacturing personnel, and admin/professional support. Human Bees has a mission to provide businesses with a unique solution to staffing needs and help people find jobs that are right for them. Geetesh shares his perspectives on scaling up a company. We look at the journey of the fastest growth company in this year’s Inc 5000 list of privately held companies. This is a VERY special episode. We have published 800 since the beginning of this podcast.

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