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Most Popular Episodes with Founders/CEOs/Visionaries

Episode #331: Developing Leaders with Seth Godin (18 Time NY Best Selling Author)

My guest today needs no introduction. Seth Godin is an 18-best selling author and writes one of the most read blogs in the universe. Seth talks today about developing leaders. We talk about the problem in today's talent development. We also dive into the revolutionary program he has created with his team called altMBA. It is not an MBA. It also has no teachers, no grades, and no lectures -- this is no problem for the program to get amazing results in the journey of developing leaders.

Episode #312: The One Missing Element to Achieving Your Goals with Daymond John

In the podcast interview with Daymond John, we talked about leadership and growing fast companies. We dive deep into Daymond John's goal setting strategies too. We got to a point in the interview when I asked him about productivity. The moment shifted as he got intense about success in today’s distracted world. John looked me in the eye and told me that he constantly makes a conscious effort to set goals, rather than letting other people set goals for him. “I think it’s the number-one reason for success or failure,” he added.

Episode #391: Leading Excellence Co-founder of Ritz-Carlton with Horst Schulze

You likely have a drive for excellence. You certainly want your team to do their work with excellence too. I wanted to create an episode about leading excellence. There is one brand in the world that I think of when it comes to EXCELLENCE. It is a hotel chain that is widely known for it. It is Ritz-Carlton Hotels. I have with me Horst Schultze who is a co-founder of Ritz-Carlton. He is also the author of Excellence Wins. We talk about how to inspire your people and the importance of leading excellence.