054 Joleene Moody| Finding Speaking Gigs, It is That Easy

Joleene MoodyHave you ever thought of taking the stage to share your insights and wisdom? Have you ever thought, “I want to talk to a group of people that can use what I know?” Have you stopped yourself because you don’t know how to take the next steps?

Well, now it is time to discover what Joleene Moody has uncovered for you. Joleene helps business owners find speaking gigs, craft their messages, and get new clients from the speeches. She has been doing this for women (and men) as the center of her business for years…listen to the episode to gather powerful tips to find your next speaking gig.

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Joleene’s Target Audience: Joleene’s target market is women entrepreneurs who want to find and/or create speaking gigs and convert their audiences every time to high-paying clients so they can have a steady, regular stream of clients. 

Joleene was not always the go-to woman for female entrepreneurs looking to create profitable speaking opportunities. Once upon a time, Joleene was a typical 9 to 5 employee who was incredibly unhappy with her career.

But she decided to do something about it. Though she failed over and over again in her journey from employee to entrepreneur, today she runs a successful coaching business teaching women entrepreneurs how to find and/or create speaking opportunities that they capitalize on.

In this episode, Jolene shares with us her “special sauce” for finding speaking gigs, why it’s out of integrity NOT to sell your products and how she helps her clients shift their mindsets around sales so they can close a room more effectively.

Joleene’s “secret sauce” for finding and creating gigs is fairly straightforward. It’s called Google. Go search for an event you want to do and where you want to do it. Her second resource is Columbia Books. For a fee, these books will give you access to trade and professional organizations in every state across the US. And her third and final suggestion is Twitter. Go to the Search bar on Twitter and enter a hashtag followed by your keywords (no spaces).

After you do this, you’ll apply with a few different organizations. Many of them will ask you for the same information so you should make the process easier by saving that information in a Microsoft Word document.

In this episode, Joleene gives loads of other actionable advice like how to approach sponsors, how to pick a topic for your signature speeches, etc. Listen in and you’ll hear as she shares her keys to success!

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What’s the difference between her and people who aren’t achieving her results?
  • What must we embrace as entrepreneurs?
  • It’s easiest to see our own stories: true or false?
  • What her husband did when she said she was going to get a job.
  • What you want people to say after you speak.
  • The 80/20 rule.
  • Sales vs. service: how she teaches the difference.
  • How it’s out of integrity to NOT offer your gifts that help others

Practical & Actionable: ([24:00])

Joleene says the most practical and actionable thing you can do is seek out advice from others who have succeeded. “If there’s somebody out there that’s doing what you want to do, contact them and ask them for their time. Sit down with them, ask questions, find out how they began then take those actions every single day. Find that person and don’t give up until they give you an hour of their time. If they have great integrity, they will give it to you.” 


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        Jason Pockrandt says:

        I started coaching last March. I am now evolving in the speaking presently. Main focus is guiding creative entrepreneurs to find their self worth and to share their passions and purpose with the world. I am actually interested in speaking with you about a few ideas.


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